iAccounts for iPhone remembers all your passwords.
So you don't have to.

iAccounts for Apple® iPhone® saves all your passwords, website logins, account details, PINs and more into a device you can always carry with you. Protect all your data on-the-go with top-notch encryption, unique dual lock with pin or password and integrated secure backup to your Mac or PC. Enjoy worry-free software that works!


  • Strong data encryption: Blowfish algorithm with randomic 448-bit long key.
  • Dual locking scheme: numeric PIN or variable length password.
  • Flexible record structure: no limits on the number of fields per account.
  • Custom groups: add your own groups, reorder the group list.
  • Smart templates: user-configurable templates for each group.
  • Active fields: user-configurable field types with tap-actions.
  • Password generator: finely tweakable password generator engine.
  • Memo and notes: multi-line memos available.
  • Show/hide field: tap-to-reveal content, user-configurable.
  • Free backup desktop app: backup and edit records on your Mac or PC!

iAccounts stores your data using Blowfish encryption with a 448-bits random key. Repeat louder: four-hundred-and-forty-eight bits! Blowfish encryption is so secure it was recently selected as reference algorithm for the Linux operating system. It is completely open source and therefore tested in thousands of different appliances and to date, no effective cryptanalysis (the study of methods for obtaining the meaning of encrypted information) has been found, it so strong you'll need centuries of super-computer cycles to break it!


And to make it obsessively safe, we even use a random generated key that makes every single installation different: every iPhone is therefore uniquely protected.

Data is also protected from unwanted looks by iAccounts anti-theft dual lock protection scheme that effectively prevents any brute force attack. You are given the option to choose between a quick 4-digit PIN or a variable-length alphanumeric password. You choose the scheme that suits you best! Carefully selected passwords or pins will require tens of thousands of different combinations but iAccounts allows entering just 5 consequent wrong PINs before destroying the database.

iAccounts poses no limits on the number of fields each record can hold. Right, no limits! Hit the Add new field button to save usernames, passwords, websites, PINs, phone numbers, addresses, whatever! iAccounts comes with tens of predefined field types, ready for you to use. Default field types are not enough? Create your own! Hit the + button when browsing field types to add a new one or remove existing types.


We call this technology flexy-record and the good news it that it works smoothly with iBackup: when you edit your records and field types, iBackup will save your changes and will restore accordingly. It's that simple.

Want more? Enter Tap-Actions! Each field can be configured to run a specific action on its content, like opening a website, making a phone call or sending an e-mail. Yes, you understood right: every single field!

Take it to the next level with custom groups and forms!

Add your own own groups with dedicated group icons and input form templates for super-fast input. iAccounts embeds a library of 250+ high-quality icons that can be assigned to your own groups to better identify your accounts in the list. Browse groups icons with "swipe gestures", you'll find all the icons you'll ever need and enjoy wonderful aestethics.


Input form templates shape your groups' record structure and still let you keep flexibility: iAccounts flexy-records will let you add or remove fields to your records on the fly, even if the template does not list them. Add a new field with a special note, drop that phone number in. With iAccounts you won't get caught in rigid schemes, your data will always stay flexible and will adapt to your future needs.

Free backup software: enter iBackup, Mac + PC!

If you wasted money on bulky and expensive password managers for your desktop or laptop computer you will definitely fall in love with our little iBackup.

iBackup lets you save all your iPhone data on one or more computers and lets you browse the save data transparently. It works with a standard wi-fi connection and it is a life-saver for restoring lost data and a simply useful utility when you need that complex password while sitting at your computer and don't want to search for your mobile device. We are committed to its development and you'll see many future releases and improvements.


As you may already know, you can download it and use it 100% free. There's a Mac version working on all modern Macs and a Windows version too, compatible with Microsoft Windows from Windows XP to Windows 7 and even Windows 8 in Desktop mode.

Mac users: allow installation from foreign sources from System Preferences.

Join thousands of users across the globe!

Thousands of customers are downloading iAccounts from all over the world! Come and see for yourself why iAccounts is ramping iPhone apps charts in all blogs and reviews. By purchasing iAccounts you grant yourself the right to a great application and effective customer support.

iAccounts received 5-STARS review three days since official launch: if you're looking for a password manager, look no futher and get your copy of iAccounts!


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Grab the free backup utility

Welcome iBackup: free backup utility for all your accounts, Mac+PC. Does record editing too!

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I have tested many password managers and I can now easily say that this one is the best on the AppStore. Highly suggested.
Greyfoxdaddy, Germany

Worth the money!

You will not be disappointed with this gem - well worth the money.
Hollowspy, United Kingdom

Very user friendly

Very user friendly. Easy input and editing. Can even make your own fields and delete default fields. Desktop backup is also easy and user friendly. Overall, satisfied, considering the ease of use and the price
Paul, United States

Highly recommended

I have been using this app for 18 months or so. Very flexible, very intuitive and constantly getting better. A breeze to learn and use and highly recommended.
Thenerdybro, Australia


Woderful job.
review_1, United States


Great customer service, returned my email almost immediately! Such a userfriendly app and I love how it works flawlessly with my laptop (iBackup). Must have for anyone with lots of passwords and such to remember.
Savannah78, United States


Great app! Extremely customizable,for most part. Just wish I could set it to open in Category View by default...
S1181, United States

Great App

The perfect password app I was looking for. Great customer service when I email for enquiry. A+
Alvin Wong, Singapore


Very functional! It's the only one with a free backup application for Mac and Windows.
squalo_85, United States

Great app, even better support

I`m an IT director in charge or provisioning cell services for en entire city and this will now be our app of choice for iPhone password management.
micahdear, Canada

Gets better at every step

I'm a satisfied customer since version 2.1. Fast support and sensible updates. Excellent app and service.
mkrwl77, United States

Best app on my iPhone

Best app on my phone. Have tried every free password manager app including 1password pro, and iaccounts beats them all. The most user friendly by far.
Baxter69, Canada

Great app

Works perfectly. I use this all the time and rely on it. Much better than other password apps I've used and a great price too.
rudyb.com, Australia

Worth the money

I downloaded the app, went to website and downloaded backup software, added my data to the app (really easy) and clicked sync. It worked perfectly. This is a great app and worth every penny.
TheAmish1, United States

Password keeper

I am a total pleb when it comes to installing programmer, backing up and syncing but found this product a joy to use.
Pleb one, United Kingdom

The best password app out there?

I did a lot of research before choosing this app over others. In the end the ability to synch effortlessly over WiFi with my PC for free clinched it. In addition this app has excellent security, a nice looking and easy to use interface and fully customisable entry fields.
T0m77, United Kingdom

The ultimate safe!

Just superb, simple but safe, what more do you need?
B1FTA, United Kingdom


Love this app! Very Easy to use and a great way to store important information. Also a free application on your PC for backup purposes. Highly recommended!
SPatArt, Canada

Worth every penny

Was using a different password manager, but they wanted 20 Euros for desktop backup. Found iAccounts, installed it, loved it, old program removed.
Alginald, Germany

iAccounts - excellent

Does exactly what it says it will; only better! Infinitely customisable although works great out of the box.
L3OONY, United Kingdom

Seriously, One of the Best Apps in My iPod Touch

Easy peasy to use. Intuituve. Love the iBackup and its ease of use. Wish I had it all these years I was juggling usernames/passwords on post-its in my wallet or Word Docs on my computer. Outstanding customer service - fast and human. Would recommend this app without hesitation.
Bob Leibowitz Jr., United States

Love this app!

Have been using this app for a couple of months now and rate it as one of the best apps I have used and most essential.
Dalgarnif, United States

I agree with Apple; this is an essential app!

Apple got it right when they named this an app store essential. It's super easy to use and backup to my PC was simple to set up.
Rtrn, United States