DataTap database for iPhone: powerful simplicity.

Unlimited groups and forms, custom form templates, a complete choice of data types, custom sorting, quicksearch, database encryption, tap-actions, a super-smooth user interface and backup/restore synchronization over your Wi-Fi network with the free iBackup application for Mac and PC.

And now the good news: it is easy to use! Check out all database apps on the AppStore to see for yourself: our little DataTap possibly provides the best workflow of the bunch and helps you to stays focused on what you need.

If you are looking for a flexible database for your iPhone at an amazing price, DataTap is already your best option. Sounds cool already? At the cost of a tasty pastry, factor in the free iBackup application that lets you edit records on your Mac or PC at no extra cost. Do your math: DataTap knocks off the competition hands down!

DataTap Screen Tables
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DataTap is designed to leverage unique iPhone features and to keep things simple and immediate. DataTap does not mimic bloated desktop databases like competing products, it is designed to work quickly: create a new table, set its form, enter data, backup, export, import, search, browse, set tap-actions, send via e-mail, done! The database is fun again!

Quick Facts

  • Create and design unlimited forms with unlimited fields.
  • Define customized sort orders.
  • Create table groups for smart data grouping.
  • Configure tap-actions on your field labels to open websites, make call, send e-mails.
  • Navigate records with convenients arrow buttons and fast cursor-based algorithms.
  • Assign custom icons to each form and to single records as well.
  • Protect your data with strong DES encryption, secure PIN and data theft prevention.
  • Export and import in CSV format to/from other databases and spreadsheets.
  • Backup and restore over wi-fi with the free iBackup application on Mac and Windows.
  • Edit data on your iPhone or on your computer with iBackup, both Mac and PC.
  • Enjoy a large choice of field types, from simple text fields to numbers, date, memos and more.
  • Extended in-app mail support, send records via e-mail or even entire tables.
  • Unique customer-driven development model, see the Design-Board!

Flexibility is the Key

You can store all your data under multiple flexible forms, add infinite fields choosing from several useful types, create and edit custom form groups, assign custom icons from the embedded library of 250+ high-quality images, browse records at amazing speed! DataTap flexibility is just amazing!

DataTap Screen edit        DataTap Screen Icons

DataTap will let you create forms to store all your personal data in a snap in sensible, imaginative and inspiring ways. Eventually, an app that adapts!

Data Protection and Backup keep your data safe

Enjoy rock-solid data protection. DataTap embeds industry-standard DES Encryption to protect your data if your iPhone gets stolen or lost. DES encryption is enforced by a 256-bit random key that is uniquely generated for you iPhone. The end result? You'll need years of super-computer cycles to break into your data!

DataTap Screen PIN        DataTap Screen Sync

Activate the optional access lock to protect your DataTap data from unwanted looks. DataTap provides you with the exclusive and unique ability to choose the lock scheme that suits you best: a 4-digit PIN for quick access or a variable length password for the most complex passwords, you decide what works better for you! Access lock also includes anti-theft security that desstroys the database after entering five consequently wrong pins. And if your data gets lost, simply restore it from your computer with the free iBackup application.


Tap-Actions and Clipboard make your data breed

Welcome Tap-Actions! Tap on a field to open a website, make a phone call or send an e-mail. You can configure your own tap-actions on each one of the fields you create! Powerful, quick and fast. You need to see to believe how simple it is.

DataTap Screen Fields        DataTap Screen Actions

DataTap provides you with iPhone-style copy-to-clipboard support: double-tap on a field value to make the copy button pop up on the screen. No suprise we like doing like Apple does.

Welcome iBackup, Mac + PC. Does record editing too!

iBackup lets you save all your DataTap and iAccounts data on one or more computers and lets you browse and edit the saved data transparently. It is a life-saver for restoring lost data and a simply useful utility when you sit at your computer and need that complex password.


The brand new iBackup offers you the ability to create and edit new records directly on your Mac or PC! Create a form in DataTap, back it up in iBackup and start filling data from the convenience of your large keyboard. The best part: this comes at no extra cost!

There's a Mac version of iBackup for Leopard and Snow Leopard. And a Windows Version too, compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. We are committed to its development and you'll see many future releases and improvements.

Download iBackup and use it as centralized repository for your mobile apps, it's 100% free!

The Design-Board lists all the suggestions we received from our customers since the beginning of DataTap development. Some of these chaps got even contacted directly before the app during early development days! Every item lists the quick spec and planned release date. You can contribute too by writing an e-mail addressed at our nice, young and enthusiastic crew. The current price does not cover even the 1% of the costs we are incurring in its development. We are working literally for free but the app IS going to grow in the next few months and IS going to fight for top ranks in its class. Option all your free upgrades now that the price is low and jump on the DataTap ship! Send your suggestions to!

Customer-driven features currently implemented in version 2.0

  • Customizable groups (thanks James, UK).
  • Use arrow-buttons to navigate records quickly in record detail screen (thanks Wizzi, Italy).
  • Import data in CSV format by restoring from iBackup (this one comes from Amir, Egypt).
  • Reorder table form template fields (great hint from, Marc, USA).
  • User-configurable tap-actions to open website, make phone call, send e-mail and on table fields (thanks Rob, USA).
  • Extended field types with text, numbers, date, yes/no values. From John, USA.
  • New "copy to clipboard" tap-action. From the DataTap crew.
  • Customized table sorting. From Matt, USA.
  • Multi-line "memo" field type. From many, many users.
  • Vacation and leisure icons for groups. From Brad, UK.
  • Send mail with whole table content. From Joe, US.
  • Desktop app to edit records on computer. Many users, we did it and we kept it 100% free!

Customer-driven features planned for next releases
(we need you to express preference and priority)

  • Extended search filter. From the DataTap crew.
  • Field type with list of values. From Robert, US.
  • Grouped calculations with SUM(), COUNT(), AVG(). From Silvye, France.
  • Choose to send CSV content by mail. From Andrew, UK.



Grab the free backup utility

Welcome iBackup: free backup utility for all your DataTap forms and records, Mac+PC. Does record editing too!

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Very good mid-range mobile db with free desktop app

I downloaded the lite version first, I haven't found any difference between the two yet. For $1.99, I am going to support the developer. If not for developers like this we would miss out on a lot of cool applications. It takes time to write and maintain an application.
dtherio, United States


So super good, dunno why it's still such a little known app! 2 thumbs up! It's actually much more powerful than iaccounts which is it's more famous sister app.
Skipetty, Netherlands

A really practical, well-made app!

A database app needs to be both practical and attractive enough to make you use it regularly and this app scores highly on both aspects. The free backup option for PC/Mac is exactly as presented - simple, straightforward and worked perfectly. Heartily recommended (great price too)...
Matthew, Austria

Nice & Simple

Not as fully featured as the likes of Handbase but neither is it as expensive. I found this to be very simple to use, nice icons, big font makes it easy to read. Offers date, memo, number, text fields & yes/no fields plus password protection. Simple but rather likeable and comes with free backup utility for Mac & Windows.
murrayalex, United Kingdom

So easy to use

I've been using two database apps that each cost significantly more, but I was attracted by the feature of being able to edit and create records on my Mac. That feature alone makes this app worth it, but now having used this app for the past few days... WOW! It's so simple to use, yet packs a lot of functionality. Creating forms, creating records, navigating between records, and then using the information I've stored there (not to mention the nice addition of being able to use a custom icon for each record) - this app has so much use-ability, without sacrificing functionality.
314Piman, United States

Simple and definitly value for money

Excellent peace of Software.
Michael, Australia

On the right track

Not bad!
Kimone, Australia

I love it. Features way beyond its great price.

This app is a truly pleasant surprise. I was looking for an easy pocketable database manager for managing the bits of info I need to carry with me in my daily routine and I can edit all my data from my PC! The UI is very, very polished. It looks like a proper app and I love it. I have tested the backup desktop utility that comes free and it works beautifully on my Windows 7 PC. I had a couple e-mails with the company support, which answered in less than one hour (nice!). IMHO this is a great little database app at an unbelievable price. I would not compare it to apps costing 10 times more like other users did: you want more you spend more. I would definitely buy it again. A winner at a great price, definitely recommended.
mkrwl77, United States


It is an application that I recommend for all iPhone and iPod Touch users.
Cirerekler, United States