As usual every major release of iOS bring new excitement for cool features and improved ways to use our mobile devices. Yet in the recent past, major updates often required developers to rewire major parts of their apps in order to comply with the low-level quirks of the updated Apple firmware.

We were in the same bunch until our dev team took the bull by the horns and refined the application to make sure that every single bit of functionality was designed as futureproof both in terms of low-level application code as well as user interface and usability scenarios.

After all, we've been amongst the first pioneers to dive into the amazing opportunities Apple iOS has provided the world with, a truly innovative platform that allowed both developers and users to leverage unprecedented possibilities to manage their mobile life.

The huge amout of effort we put into the rewrite of iAccounts to version 3 and the further refinements that led to the current version of the app have paid off, big time.

iAccounts Version 3.6 is now compatible with a very large range of iOS devices and supports Apple iOS from version 7 up to version 9.

Published on 16 Sept 2015

iAccounts is stable software. The app simply works, it does not crash, it does not behave strangely, it does not exhibits relevant bugs. In order to achieve this level of quality, our development team is highly trained on two principles. First, we write solid code. Solid. Tough. Code that stands heavy duty interactions with both the user and the underlying operating system of iPhones and iPads. And second, you do tons of QA.

Tests are part of our development process and we've learned the value of well written code. We spend so much time on tests because we are very, very conservative on the code base of our apps. An app does not need to change every two months if it works. You may add features but, still, a good working app does not need to constantly change. A good code base stands still, it works and will keep on working for a decent amount of time in the future, as long as the underlying layers do not change, aka the platform stands still. Luckily for us, iOS does not stand still, it is an evolving foundation which keeps being improved by our friends at Apple.

We, being very conservative developers as you already know (hint: replace conservative with reliable!) do not jump on every new iOS trick, we pick them, study them and sometime adopt them and deliver those in iAccounts. At the end of the day, a password manager is not a game, it is not a toy, is a tool designed to simplify lives, this means you can skip the "I want to impress kids" part of software development and focus on smart functionality.

Yet, Apple is bringing some amazing innovation with iOS 9 and although we're not going to reveal all of those, there's one item which we find is going to really make a difference in the way apps are used, especially on large screens.

We're talking about the ability to display two apps on the same screen. So, imagine a Safari browser on the left side of your iPad and, guess what, iAccounts running on the right one. Copy&paste usernames and passwords will be done in a breeze.

Split screen support and more is coming coming soon on iAccounts, in time for the iOS 9 Autumn release.

Published on 29 June 2015

We're happy and relieved to report all users that iAccounts version 3.6 has passed Apple review and is now back in the AppStore for all users to download.

If you don't see it on your county's AppStore right now please give it a few hours, it's the AppStore batch publishing process that needs some little time so please check later during the day.

Versions 3.6 replaces the custom keyboards used by the app that were not working as expected in the official release of iOS 8 and that prevented the unlock keyboard to appear. This unexpected behavior in iOS 8 was not visible in the tests we ran with the beta versions of iOS 8, it was only evident in the first public official release of iOS 8. The new Apple firmware has introduced many new APIs and apparently many apps on the AppStore exhibit some level of incompatibility, not only iAccounts. At the time of this writing we've been informed that many developers have started to update their apps all at once in the past few days thereby flooding and blocking the Apple review pipeline. This flooding created a bottleneck which is the only responsible of the delay in the app approval process.

We posted the update on September 20th after working on the app day and night to change and remove all custom keyboards, then posted for review right after and wrote to Apple development support contacts eventually soliciting an expedite review. Which we eventually managed to obtain. When we put all this in perspective, we think we did our best. Honestly, we did our best.

Yet, we sincerely apologize for the incovenients this glitch has created, on our side we had literally no control over iOS API changes or the Apple review process, no third party developer has. At the same time, our small team has shown huge dedication, working day and night to remove the custom keyboards in a matter of hours and maximise compatibility with iOS 8.

If you've installed iOS 8 on your iPhone, please download the update from the AppStore as it becomes available in your country without deleting the current instance of iAccounts on your iPhone.

The app is now free, we're not making any money with it since ages, the app market is dead from a commercial standpoint. You cannot run an app business for the money, you do it because your passionate about technology, we successfully serve many international enterprises by consulting on mobile development and just love the idea of having our own product in the hands of real people.

We'll continue to offer the same level of support through official support e-mail, please do not contact us via Twitter as we do not hande support in 140 characters. Please note that we have no way of notifying existing users via e-mail of the update since our privacy policy implies that we do not keep any users' contact data nor e-mail. The update will be visibile as a notification in the AppStore application on your iPhone and/or iPad.

Again, in full honesty, our most sincere apologies for the unexpected delay on the review and approval process, this is not something we can control or manage. Yet Apple is doing a fantastic job with iOS, it is a great platform and we'll continue supporting its user base, and it has been supportive in expediting the review after a number of explicit requests.

Published on 1 Oct 2014

As of today, the update of iAccounts for iOS 8 is still pending review. The update was posted more than ten days ago, we're currently notifying all users through our standard support channels that we're checking the review status almost on a hourly basis. iAccounts will be released as soon as it gets approved.

Of course the entire team here is very sorry for this major unexpected inconvenience, you have our sincere apologies but the actual revirew is not a process we are in direct control of but, rather, a critical and important feature of the AppStore publishing dynamics. On the other hand, we are sure that Apple is doing - as usual, as everyone on iOS - a fantastic job in managing their platform, they've been very supportive with third party developers and created a huge community.

The only assumption we can make is that the review pipeline must be flooded with update submissions and reviewers must be working very hard. We'll release as soon as the app gets approved and, although not quite the same, in the meantime please refer to your backup on iBackup, our free desktop application which comes at no extra cost on your Mac or Windows PC.

Published on 29 Sept 2014

Since we check of the review process every day, we can confirm that iAccounts is officially waiting for review since a few days. It's on Apple's lap, so to speak. You'll not find it on the AppStore until it gets officially approved and released by the fruity company.

The update was posted as soon as we noticed an unexpected behavior of the app: under certain conditions the unlock keypad was not appearing on the screen. The reason is that iOS 8 introduced some new APIs for custom keyboards and sort of deprecated the previous ones, which are widely used in iAccounts. This was not visibile on preview simulators only on the actual official release and we managed to update the codebase in record time. So it is coming folks, it is coming indeed.

Please also check the previous posts, where we detail the rationale behind custom keyboards, how the app used them and why.

Published on 23 Sept 2014

After downloading iOS 8 on our phones we noticed something weird with the app: the keypad was not popping up anymore to unlock the screen. And it was Defcon 1 mode. Literally.

To give you an overview, it all comes down to the new APIs Apple released on iOS 8 for managing custom keyboards. Which is great stuff by the way, but it sort of breaks the previous implementation of custom keypads in iAccounts. Since we love the Apple platform and are truly committed to it we decided to come up with a solution that, although radical, does guarantee that the app becomes more resilient to future changes in iOS: the rule is to stick to very strict iOS standards, starting with the use of standard iOS keyboard. iAccounts shows custom keyboards for constraining input and reducing errors. When you enter a 4-digit PIN you don't need to see punctuation symbols like in the standard keyboards, when you enter an IP addess to synchronize the app with iBackup you only need digits and a dot, no more. The custom iAccounts keypads were supporting contextual input thereby reducing mistakes by providing specialized keyboards. But, hey, iAccounts users are smart: they don't need custom keyboards!

Following two days of very hard work we've managed to change all parts of the app that were using custom keyboards. The app now only uses very, very, very standard iOS keyboards.

The update is coming folks, it is currently in the review queue at Apple. Our sincere apologies for this unexpected behavior, we simply could not see it on simulated devices and did our best to bring everything back on track. Hopefully Apple will get it on the AppStore quickly for all users to update.

Published on 20 Sept 2014

Anyway, we're currently updating iAccounts to reflect the recent API changes in iOS 8, we'll be tailoring the app towards iOS 8 only and will not provide support to previous versions of iOS. This policy will be effective from the next coming release of iAccounts, version 3.6.

The rationale is that we aim at maintaining a single code base targeting a single iOS version, namely the most recent, in order to make sure that the code base is 100% aligned with Apple most recent APIs. In the end, our user base will benefit from having the latest and greates technology and hopefully less unexpected interruptions when iOS gets updated.

Getting down to the actual work we're doing, the dev team is revisiting all keypads (lock keypad, ip address keypad, numeric keypad, etc) being used by the app. We'll be possibly replacing the custom layout with a more standard iOS keypad. Once ready and tested, the new app will be submitted to Apple for review and we can expect from one to two weeks before it gets approved by reviewers. As usual when iOS updates, all developers need to resubmit their apps with various fixes and this generally saturates the review process a bit, slowing it down.

Published on 10 Sept 2014

Dev team is working hard to make sure iAccounts gets the greatest and latest features of Apple iOS 8. Cannot say much really because of privacy policies, NDAs and super-secret preview versions of development tools we have down here at the lab but we can guarantee that the delta created by iOS 8 is going to be huge in comparison to what iOS 7 has created no more than a year and a half ago.

Apple made sense of a lot of requests from developers to make the iOS platform more open and released dedicated extensions to let apps plug into the system. This has not compromised privacy in any way, we've seen some true beauty in the permissioning system that governs app access to system resources. Wow that's a techie statement, isn't it?

The new iPhone 6 is coming, iOS 8 is knocking on the door, advanced integration with Macs is going to be an amazing feature a lot of users will benefit from. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you fancy a quick chat about what's coming, iAccounts is warming up its engines.

Published on 16 August 2014

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