We are lowering the price of the full edition of iAccounts Password Manager for the next few days to a crazy-low USD 0.99 on worldwide AppStores, starting today.

The sale will finance the launch of a new, updated version which is going to be released very soon and will bring not only some minor fixes (the app is rock solid but we're tweaking performance here and there!) but some more meat to the table, aka new features.

Sooooo, for a mere 0.99 cents you are going to get the full version of iAccounts with all its bells and whistles, a pletora of predefined groups and templates for storing a good wealth of your private life and lock it with crazy-strong 448-bit Blowfish encryption, a choice between the smart 4-digit PIN or super-long alphanumeric passwords and, finally, the free iBackup running either on your Windows PC or your shiny new Mac. At 0.99 cents that's quite a deal.

Happy sale!

Published on 19 March 2014

iAccounts was built from the ground up to be a simple and effective app, you tap on the + button and start entering records, picking from a list of pre-defined groups and templates. A pretty long list, actually, most likely the largest and most complete among the password management apps made available for your iPhone and iPad.

Having factory-provided templates is just great, also because they do perfectly make sense. You can find not only ready-made templates for saving your e-mail accounts but also your car insurance data, your debit card PIN, even your medical prescriptions. Really, the list of templates is huge and very, very well thought out and this is possibly what makes the app shine, together with free desktop backup companion iBackup.

But there's more. You can edit those groups and create your own in a matter of seconds, you can even create your own field types and customize them to capitalize all input or to restrict it to specific formats such as dates or numbers. Experienced users may have noticed the Edit & + buttons in the Groups screen, play with them, navigate the screens and check out the small hints at the bottom of each screen. Add new groups or customize existing ones, create new field types to suit your lifestyle.

Open the bonnet, and you'll discover there's quite a beast of an engine roaring in iAccounts.

Published on 25 February 2014

An amazing response from users. Amazing! Amazing! We're receiving 5 stars review from all over the world for the update of iAccounts for iOS 7. From the United States to Canada, Europe, Asia reviews are literally flocking, we're able to post a screshot of our review ledger showing only a small part of the bunch we see coming and they're all 5 STARS!!! ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

We're obviously following the trend of the updates and so far we've counted a relevant fraction of our userbase moving to the latest iAccounts 3.5, about thirty-thousand users. So far, so good. Back to work on new features in a while, optional cloud sync, an improved iBackup and more.

Published on 29 November 2013

Please find the latest iAccounts 3.5 available for update on your iPhone or iPad. This version brings back the tap to reveal gesture that was missing from the previous version. Actually the story of this feature is, quite frankly, not only funny but rather a lesson for the future: don't listen too much to your users or at least make sure you listen to two of them before making any changes to your code base :-)

If you check one of the recent posts on this blog, you'll see that we've received a feature request in the past from a fellow user complaining that the tap to reveal and wanted and extra step to reveal the password, he was asking to reveal the password only when editing a record. Man, that's silly, But, oh boy, we actually listened to him and one of our developers coded the feature in! Ok, it only took one day to realize that we made a mistake and in five minute we took the previous behavior back.

Tap to reveal password, in iAccounts for iOS 7, ready for you on the AppStore. Enjoy.

Published on 28 November 2013

Dear all, the new version 3.4 is on the AppStore, there's another one coming in a week or so that brings even further stability and iOS 7 integration but we didn't want you to keep you waiting.

You'll notice a complete UI layout redesign and the fix to keypad not appearing, an unexpected behavior that was introduced by the release of iOS 7 and that in full honesty was due to the usage of some APIs that the fruity company decided to unexpactidly deprecate.

It took a bit longer just to make sure that the new layout was actually working fine but the app is finally available.

Published on 26 November 2013

Dear Santa,

we are a small yet pretty cool software company developing, among a number of customer and internal projects, an iOS app called iAccounts which helps a rather high number of people all over the world managing their password and personal data. The app is cool, we love iOS and keep the app up to date with the current iOS trends. Obviously we could do better but we need a bit of a hand from you or your friends at the fruity company.

This Xmas we'd love to receive a decent update of the iCloud APIs. Currently the state of the APIs is kinda ridicolous. The sintax is horrible and sadly the developr support is too. We need to simply transfer some data in a binary/encrypted format to the fruity servers, lock the files while we do some operations on the devices to prevent concurrent access and manage conflicts should they ever occur.

We've investigated the APIs by and large and plese believe me when I say that a small present from you would help a lot, either us or the fruity guys. Actually there's plenty of indie devs complaining about the APIs and we're all pretty sure that someone will eventually take action to fix'em.

In the meantime, we're happy to say that we've completed a first prototype of the iCloud integration feature and will soon move the code into testing.

Yours truly,

The Venticento dev team

Published on 3 November 2013

A few friends have reported that the iAccounts PIN keypad does not appear on their iPhone and iPad screens. It is an issue we saw with the release of the new iOS 7 and you'll be happy to know that we've chased it and fixed it.

We plan to post the update to Apple for review very soon, we're basically completing the full port to the new iOS 7 interface, in the meantime please use this easy fix: quit the app from the iPhone app switcher (bring up the apps running in background and quit iAccount by swiping upwards on its snapshot screen) and relaunch it to bring the keyboard up, no need to restart your iPhone.

The update is coming soon, sincere apologies for the inconvenience, in case you may consider switching to the A-Z password scheme in iAccounts, which is not affected. To do so, tap on the padlock icon and then tap on the password selector at the top of the screen to switch to the A-Z password lock.

Published on 28 October 2013

The update is out, it just took a little longer than we originally thought, our sincere apologies for all inconveniences this delay may have caused. And we mean it! We've explained a couple users that wrote in that the update had a longer-than-planned path because we had to chase down some behavior which was not easy to reproduce, basically the app never crashed during our tests, possibly because we use clean devices with very few apps installed, which are used for the only purpose of, well, running tests! A device with a daily use has less memory available and this may traslate into a system less stable, hence the crashes.

This update fixes those crashes and basically revisits the inner memory model of the app and improves it by leveraging the very latest iOS 6 APIs, we got rid of legacy code - iAccounts was one of the first password managers available for the iPhone since its launch - and also speeded up some screen transitions, hope you appreciate the extra effort!

Anyway, getting to the update process: please, please, please do not forget to run a backup of your iAccounts data to iBackup before installing the update. We tried and testing the update process, the app is designed to preserve all your existing data but AppStore update are plagued with glitches and some - although very few - users have reported that their database was empty after the update. If you have a backup on iBackup you can restore all your data in a matter of seconds, please download and install iBackup if you haven't done it yet and run complete backup of your data over your wifi network, complete step-by-step instructions are provided on the support page.

And now... back to our testing of iCloud synchronization, soon on a screen near you. Happy updating :-)

Published on 27 March 2012