A while ago we happily released version 3.2 of iAccounts after a long and hard work which saw a considerable refactoring of the application, mostly to make room for cloud-based sync - we are currently testing the integration with DropBox and iCloud, please be aware that we will not release a non fully functional product, we value testing and don't care if you scream and yell, the release will happen when we're happy with the quality! 'nuff said! - but something went wrong with an API call which led to a number of unexpected crashes, especially when trying to edit records.

Such crashes were not consistent, they were taking place on a small number of users' phones and they just popped up once on our test phones. Anyway, in the end our brave development team managed to find the culprit, the code was calling a legacy Cocoa API to allocate a string which, in truth, was not allocated at all, the call was simply leaving a dirty memory area leading to the crashes.

We're therefore now releasing an update of iAccounts which solves the stability issues faced by some users and also brings some optimized code: you'll especially notice a smoother transition when navigating from the main screen to the groups screen, waaaay smoother. And this is just one of the many optimizations this new version brings.

Hey, version 3.3 is currently under review at Apple and is a recommended update, should be out soon on the AppStore. May we recall you to run a backup to our free iBackup before updating from iTunes or from the iOS AppStore app?

Published on 19 March 2013

Got back from the Xmas break and New Year's Eve snow parties with a number of ideas to improve iAccounts and bring it to stellar usability levels (which all comes down to making sure you guys using the app get the best bang for the bucks) and we have to say that most of them are actually yours! Since we released the new iAccounts 3.2 with in-app send feedback functionality, the contribution from the app's users' base has ben TRE-MEN-DOUS and we couldn't be happier.

Users from all over the world are enjoying the feature to suggest new additions to the app or simply tell us incredibly creative ways to use iAccounts. It's safe to state that there's more uses to iAccounts than just holding passwords! The unique flexibility of iAccounts in creating forms and even adding your own field types grants proficient users the ability to keep all their world in their iPhones. Even passwords ;-)

So, a big thank you from the iAccounts team to all you folks that hit the new Send Feedback button and took a minute to write down your thoughts, we truly appreciate the positive feedback that came in and, since we're a very dedicated group, it truly works better than the usual iTunes review if you want to ask for new features.

Please, please, please keep it coming and feel free to get in touch anytime!

Published on 7 January 2013

The same day we released the new iAccounts 3.2 we've also decided to ignite our pro-bono initiative in favour of a charity, non-profit organization. We feel deeply grateful for our life and opportunities and strongly believe that even small actions may have a big positive impact and contribute to make this world a better place.

Just like the past year our team will donate the 100% of our iTunes revenues from December 25 to the end of January to ActionAid, an international non-profit organization whose aim is to fight poverty worldwide. Formed in 1972, for over 30 years ActionAid have been helping over 13 million of the world's poorest and most disadvantaged people in 42 countries worldwide.

We feel our little donation will contribute to make this world a better place, please check out the ActionAid website if you want to contribute too.

Think big the next time you unlock iAccounts, think that those few quids may already be helping someone in need.

Published on 14 December 2012

Today is a big day for iAccounts&trade. After a months of development we are finally releasing version 3.2!

The new application brings all the new features our users were asking for and also set the frame for more innovation to come next, like full iCloud and Dropbox from the app to allow sync'ing all devices without cables as well as handling of images and a new iPad version of iAccounts, which are both due in early 2013.

Of course, the new version is fully compatible with the previous version 3.1.

Of course, the new iAccounts 3.2 is fully compatible with the previous version 3.0 too.

Of course, iAccounts 3.2 is fully compatible with iBackup.

And now - tataaaa - comes the usual features highlight:

New Settings screen, control the status of the database, get reports on your synchronizations and tweak your security settings to your likings.

New Set Lock workflow, enter password or PIN, confirm it in the next screen, enter a short hint sentence. The app will assist you if you forget your password by issuing your own hint after a few failed attempts to unlock it. And more: this trick is fully configurable from the new Settings section.

A whole lot of new groups and templates, from prescriptions to vehicles and more. You'll never forget anything and you'll have the usual option of fully customizing the existing templates as well as create your own. New templates are only available on new, fresh installations of the app.

We've also added a lot of usability improvements, the most prominent is that the app will not scroll back to the first record as you get back to the iAccounts items screen after checking a record, but there's a lot more here and there.

Ehm ehm, a few bugs got fixed too, in particular the option of configuring the network port to sync with iBackup, it was there before but was not working properly and we turned our screwdriver around it a bit to make it work.

To download the app please visit the AppStore or search for iAccounts on your iPhone AppStore.

Published on 14 December 2012

Lovely, iOS 6 came out. Big surprise, Apple mommy has changed a few APIs here and there and we need to revise our initial release schedule to incorporate the new iOS instructions and directive into the code of the upcoming release of iAccounts. Which will be a pure iOS6 application, so it's going to be a pretty cool update.

Full support for the new iPhone 5 4-inch display, we are also prototyping the integration of Siri and iCloud. Can anticipate that Siri and iCloud are not going to make in iAccounts 3.2 but for the sole reason that both technologies are still kinda evolving, iCloud in particular does not seem to like too much formal databases and, guess what, a database is at the core of each password manager ;-) so we are currently trying out a number of tactics to safely move the app's data into the Apple cloud and make sure you have a positive experience out of it.

Did we already mention that there here are some super cool news in the upcoming update. A brand new Settings sections to tweak the app like crazy and a refined password input scheme, which offers password confirmation and optional hints. So, all is well here at the labs, we just need to catch up a bit with the new iOS 6 peculiarities. Stay tuned!

Published on 26 September 2012

Dear Apple, we just love iOS 6 and are getting there but can you please do us a favor? Can you please take a break from deprecating all your critical APIs at each release of iOS? Ok, we understand that iOS has to progress and that innovation is great, I mean we just breed innovation everyday here at Venticento but, in full honesty, why wasting the precious time of your developers to simply change rotation APIs? Or the custom input view mechanics. Ok, not a big deal, we've just added a few more days to our original update schedule for iAccounts to catch up. But, please, please, please... how about making a bit of an effort to keep lovely iOS just a bit more stable? Ah, and by the way, we love all of you fruity folks.

Published on 26 September 2012

iAccounts is getting its finishing touches as we write this post and the folks here at Venticento need a bit of support from our beloved expanding community. How about a nice progressive rebate for the next few days? What is a progressive rebate, you ask. Well, it's pretty simple. The price of the has been lowered today to a crazy low $0.99 and will be gradually increased in the next coming days bringing it back to its original value.


How much will the rebate last? For how many days will the price stay this low before the next progressive raise? When is the best time to purchase the app taking advantage of low price? There is just an answer to all these questions: simply put, TODAY is the best day to purchase your copy of iAccounts from the AppStore, tomorrow the price may rise!

Published on 14 August 2012

The Internet cloud services are just great. From Apple iCloud to Google Drive and Dropbox, consumers are increasing ditching hard-drives and choosing instead to store their private data, be it documents, audio, or even large video files, in online repositories run by third parties. The trend is spurred by the increasing ubiquity of diverse mobile devices. Where once a person might have owned a desktop, and possibly a laptop, he now also carries a smartphone and a tablet computer and would like to be able to access files on all these devices, without the hassle of copying them individually onto each gadget. Corporations, however, have steered clear of the cloud. One of the main concerns, highlighted by the recent BlackBerry outage and even worse by the recent breech at Amazon, is entrusting communications and data management to others. We have decided to keep iBackup as a free option for the backup of your data even though we are currently working on cloud integration for iAccounts. The cloud is cool. But your hard drive may still be a safer place to hold your most private information.

Published on 12 August 2012