The last few months here at the Labs saw a major effort to redesign important usability areas of iAccounts. The team is quite proud of the work being done, because it has further raised the bar of iAccounts' overall quality both in terms of user experience and technical strengths.

First, the ability to tweak the security level of the app to the user likings. And we mean it. Should the app wipe-off the database in case of wrong logins? And after how many tries? Should the app coadiuvate the user's memory witha short optional hint in case the password or PIN ia forgotten? All these new features and more are seeing the light in the next coming update.

Second, we have had many support requests recently dealing with advanced features of the app like synchronization with our free iBackup desktop application (yes iBackup is still 100% free, that was a promise, remember?) or the amazing flexibility of the app in dealing with custom Groups definitions. We decided it was time for some easily reachable tutorials and we are now working hard to finalize a new, incredible in-app help system that will bring a wealth of tips and techniques to leverage the unique and distinctive features from iAccounts!

This and more (ehm... image handling? oooops, too late to stop it!) coming very son on an iPhone and iPad near you!

Published on 9 August 2012

iAccounts 3.1 is out on the AppStore! It brings the long-awaited support for the iPad screen in a convenient iPhone/iPad Universal binary: no need to shed out more hard-earned pennies on your iPad, if you fall in love with iAccounts on your iPhone :-)

iAccounts 3.1 not only brings you the convenience of a native iPad app, it adds a large number of usability improvements and refinements. Check out the new clicky keypad when you login with letters below the actual numbers to help you better recall the code that unlocks the app. Or the subtle, almost invisibile animation that pulls up the screen when you edit a field in landscape mode, a trick that saves you from actually raising the field with your fingers: the app does it for you. Navigate the Field Types screen to see the colorful tags for marking different data types while designing a new Group or simply adding fields on-the-go, leveraging the unique iAccounts flexible record structure.

The same level of detail and care also went into the new iBackup 3.1, the free desktop companion for iAccounts and DataTap. The free iBackup gets a totally new layout, a dedicated Preferences dialog allowing to customize important usability items, from the database path to a brand new dark theme, and to finely tweak your security settings. There are new security features: a master password and a new show/hide policy for iAccounts records. And, last but not lease, iBackup can now optionally watch out for update notifications. All for free, on Macs and PCs, supporting all major versions of mainstream operating systems.

As in our style, we're now running a campfire to support new and existing users almost on a 24 by 7 cycle. Download the apps (we hope you'll enjoy them!) and pop in for a quick chat if you feel so :-)

Published on 9 December 2011

Great news folks! iAccounts Universal Binary for iPhone and iPad got posted tonight for review at Apple! The team has invested a lot of energy in this update, focusing on improving the app overall experience by fixing minor quirks here and there and by stuffin' an iPad version in the same binary used by the iPhone version. We're very happy and proud to announce that, being released as Universal package, iAccounts will work smoothly on both the iPhone and the iPad, with its large screen. We had lots of users asking for the iPad version and we few were even saying that the app is so good they were ready to shed some real money for an iPad equivalent. So we just did the right thing: ship a single, universal binary with an iPad versions squeezed in at no extra costs, so you can spend your hard earned cash on the kids' ice-creams!

Version 3.1 of iAccounts will hopefully hit the AppStore shelves soon: it is under review as we write about it. It is therefore time now for a small confession :-) the iPad screens of iAccounts are for now based on the original iPhone screens but we have indeed plans to come up with something much more dedicated to the Apple cool tablet in the form of a high-res life-like layout (sssh we're trying to mimic a black book, but you promise to keep it a secret) and this version is indeed our first step in the right direction of providing our user base with a dedicated large-screen tool! Don't forget that you'll be able to sync all your devices via iBackup and we're already working on an optional sync interface based on iCloud and Dropbox. But that's another story...

Meet iAccounts iPad soon on the AppStore!

Published on 18 November 2011

Before upgrading to iOS 5 a backup may be a good idea, given that all users of iAccounts and DataTap have the unique chance of grabbing a nice desktop companion application for their apps without spending a dime and use it to safely backup their valuable data should the iOS 5 update ever get tricky. Murphy's Law, remember anyone?

Get your copy of iBackup now and install it on your Mac or Windows PC at no extra cost. iBackup will safely backup your iAccounts and DataTap data over your wifi network. iBackup is super-easy to configure and use, is well supported by a support team that knows the apps inside-out and will provide competent answers whatever the questions. We're fully dedicated to providing a smooth upgrade experience.

So, repeat loud: backup data before the upgrading to iOS 5. If you have further queries about the upgrade process, please send a message to, we're here to help.

Published on 22 October 2011

A small update to the iBackup documentation to reflect a small novelty of Mac OS X Lion, the first version of the Mac operating system not to provide the Java runtime environment as part of its original installation package. Apple has trimmed many components once installed in previous version of its OS: Lion for instance skips altogether the installation of many printer device drivers, which are instead downloaded off the cloud when needed and the Java runtime environment has experienced a similar decision. Although Java is not shipped as part of the original package, Apple support for Java is still very strong as highlighted in recent agreements between Oracle, provider of Java, and Apple's engineering teams.

When you first run a Java application, like our iBackup and many other well known software applications, Mac OS X Lion prompts you to download a Java runtime off the cloud. You can do so by clicking on the Install button to begin downloading the official Apple Java runtime and have it installed in just a few seconds on a steady broadband connection. You can now enjoy the free backup option for iAccounts and DataTap on your Mac.

Published on 16 October 2011

The development team down here at the labs is currently prototyping with a new synchronization pattern based on a single sync button. iAccounts and DataTap synchronization has always been driven by a two-buttons approach, where typical backup and restore functions were clearly separated. This is pretty obvious to all users of our apps, the Synchronize screen having two distinct backup and restorebuttons.

We got a lot of feedback from our users and although the current design has its supporters (having two buttons with crystal-clear naming is currently perceived by our users a real usability advantage) a minority is starting to grow, asking for a single synchronize button that automagically does merge your iPhone data with the data you may have edited iBackup.

Good news for those who were waiting for the sync button: we're currently prototyping the idea, also with the perspective of an iCloud integration.

Published on 10 October 2011

On Wednesday, October 5th 2011, Steve Jobs, computer entrepreneur and inventor, passed away.

Steve Jobs will stay forever in our hearts. He has literally changed our lives with his vision and inspiration: when Apple first came out with the early 1984 Macintosh we learned C on that little machine and it's been our first ticket for a long ride on a joyful and rewarding career in software development.

Thank you, Steve.

Francesco Garbin, VenticentoStudio.

Published on 5 October 2011

iAccounts just got a raving review from an independent Tumblr blogger, AADM, which was kind enough to pop up with a nice e-mail saying how much he liked iAccounts. The review is sharp and compares iAccounts to, guess what, a rather common password manager in the iOS community... we'll let you guess who, or simply open the link below to see for yourself!

Click here to read the full review of iAccounts on Tumblr. AADM has also posted a smart trick to synchronize the iBackup between computers with the free DropBox storage service.

We are so excited! iAccounts has constantly been confirmed as the most affordable yet complete password management solution for iPhone users both on Apple Mac and Windows PCs. A super flexible and complete iPhone application targeting advanced features and a 100& free desktop companion for less than a glass of fine wine. And please, do not forget our always-smiling support team which is ready to help you out with whatever question you may have.

Check out the reviews from iAccounts users around the planet: you simply cannot beat the price of iAccounts, if you're looking for a reliable yet affordable solution to manage your passwords from the convenience of your iPhone and your computers, iAccounts is, simply put, already your best option.

Published on 19 March 2011