iBackup: backup and restore like you've never seen before

iBackup saves all your iAccounts records on your computer and lets you browse the saved data transparently. It is real a life-saver for restoring lost data and a simply useful utility when you are at your computer and need that bit of information you have stored in your phone.


iBackup is a complimentary utility to iAccounts that runs on current Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows operating systems. You can download it and use it free of charge, with no limits on the number of concurrent copies. And we promise it will stay 100% free. Forever!

The best things always come in small packages.

Backup your data in three easy steps

Install iBackup on your Mac or Windows PC and launch it, you'll notice a small series of numbers in the bottom-left corner of the iBackup window: that's the address of your computer, that you configure in iAccounts to transfer data over your standard wi-fi connection.


It's now time to grab your mobile device and launch iAccounts.

  1. In iAccounts, open the Synchonize screen
  2. Tap on the IP address and copy the digits you see in the status bar of iBackup
  3. Tap on the backup button and let the apps securely transfer data


For improved security backup and restore require a valid PIN to be set.

Find detailed configuration steps also in our Support FAQ.


Security comes built-in

iBackup stores your data with Blowfish encryption using a 448-bits random key! 448 bits! Data is scrambled with a uniquely generated random key to make sure that every single database is uniquely protected. Blowfish was recently chosen as reference encryption algorithm on Linux: it is so secure you'll need centuries of super-computer cycles to break it!

Strong encryption is just one piece of our apps security architecture and iBackup brings security further, right at the user interaction level: iBackup adopts the same PIN protection scheme of iAccounts. The app asks you to enter your own PIN to view saved data and to authorize any backup and restore requests coming from your mobile device. The PIN is always hidden and never exposed.

Finally, we just like to design no-nonsense software. Since iBackup is designed to fully integrate with iAccounts, your mobile app PIN is synchronized at every backup, so you don't have to remember different PINs between your mobile and backup apps. Simply clever.

Ah, and for those taking security as a priority, we invite you to open the iBackup Preferences menu to configure a master password that will prevent any unwanted access to your data.

iBackup is certified by Softpedia

We are pleased to announce that Softpedia has recently certified that iBackup, the desktop companion of iAccounts, is 100% malware-free.


This is obviously no news to us, we have developed the app to protect the user data from the very first line of code, but we thought it would be nice for our readers to know that a reliable, independent source has officially tested and certified our desktop application. Download it and use it with confidence.



iBackup for Microsoft Windows

Download iBackup for Microsoft Windows.
iBackup for Windows requires Java and a Wi-Fi network connection.

iBackup for Apple Mac OS

Download iBackup for Apple MacOS X. iBackup for Mac OS requires a Wi-Fi network connection and Java.
Since iBackup does not install from the AppStore you need to authorize installation from foreign sources from your Mac's System Preferences / Security.

iBackup User Manual

The iBackup User Manual is on-line for 24x7 access.

Get Support

Questions? Find answers in our support page or get in touch with our support team.

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Certified by Softpedia

Softpedia, an independent and reliable source, has certified that iBackup is 100% free from malware, viruses and trojans. This is no news to us, we have developed the application to protect your data from the very first lines of code, but we thought it's a good idea to let you know that an independent review process has certified it as being safe and secure.

iBackup ChangeLog

Version 3.1
Bug fixes and improved form processing.
Version 3.0
Complete layout redesign, bringing three panels horizontal layout.
Version 2.5.3
Various bugs fixed (recommended upgrade). Renewed support for Java 1.5 and MacOS X Leopard.
Version 2.5.2
Creation and editing of iAccounts records. Review of multi-threading code, should be speedier. Implementation of iAccounts3 sync protocol.
Version 2.4.2
Improved import/export of DataTap files in CSV format. Fixed glitch on high-speed, multi-threaded user interface refresh. Fixed handling of empty values in restore of iAccounts records.
Version 2.4
Edit DataTap records in iBackup. Extended sync protocol to support DataTap 2.0. New import functionality for managing record duplicates.
Version 2.3
On-line help accessed from the application Help menu. Import / export format now compatible with spreadsheets and third party apps.
Version 2.2
Enforced security to support multiple users syncing on the same computer with different accounts.
Version 2.1
Export of iAccounts data requires PIN.
Version 2.0
Enforced encryption. 100% Platform/OS compliance. Multi-app support infrastructure. Refined support of UTF-8 data.

System Requirements

iBackup for Microsoft® Windows® operating system
- Microsoft Windows XP® Service Pack 3
- Microsoft Windows Vista®
- Microsoft Windows 7®
- Microsoft Windows 8® (Desktop mode only, requires Java 7.10 and above)
- Java™ JRE version 6 or higher, version 7.10 on Windows 8
- 128 Mb of free space on hard drive
- 512 Mb of RAM
- Fully functional connection to a wireless network

iBackup for Apple® Mac OS® operating system
- Apple Mac OS X™ 10.9 Mavericks®
- Apple Mac OS X™ 10.8 Mountain Lion®
- Apple Mac OS X™ 10.7 Lion®
- Java™ run-time version 1.6 or higher
- 128 Mb of free space on hard drive
- 512 Mb of RAM
- Fully functional connection to a wireless network

Mac OS X does not come with Java preinstalled, your Mac will download it automatically if needed.

Since iBackup is not downloaded from the Mac AppStore, you need to authorize installation from foreign sources, please do so in your Mac's System Preferences / Security panel.